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Shave helps the 6 Kiwis who are diagnosed with a blood cancer or related condition every day




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Shave for a Cure

Shave for a Cure is Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand's signature fundraising event. Over the past twelve years, thousands of Kiwis have registered, fundraised, organised their Shaves and shorn their locks for LBC.
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zebra fish key to blood cancer research
The Leukaemia & Blood Cancer Unit at Auckland University is conducting a new trial using zebra fish which aims to help unlock the genetic key to blood cancers like leukaemia. Read More
Art Green shaves heads at Farmers Shave for a Cure launch event
Farmers Auckland CBD flagship store hosted the launch of Shave for a Cure 2016, with celeb 'hairdressers' including Hilary Barry and Art Green manning the clippers in support of LBC. Read More
Blood Cancer Awareness Week
LBC ran an innovative new digital campaign to mark Blood Cancer Awareness Week from November 9-15Read More
Paula Charlotte patient story
When three-year-old Charlotte took a while to recover from a bout of the flu, Paula and her husband Tristan knew something wasn’t right. Read More


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Sam & Benj Lyford$26117
Amanda Trail$11210
Rhodora Jaminola$7330
Philip O'Neill$5915
Jacob Willett$5795
Amanda Millar$4915
Kirimaene Palmer$4776
Emma Rae$4680
Amber Craig$4415
Jan Cowan$4365
Jordan van der Heyden$4280
Victoria Pinder$4190
Tony Signal$4009
Melanie Brown$3757
Christina Aldom$3701
Treen Butcher$3651
Charlotte Cocks$3600
Peter Fahy$3575
Fred. Haryowiseno$3470
Matariki Roche$3427
Erin Nesdale$3365
Linda Waddell$3345
Hazel Watson-Smith$3320
Bridie Abley$3255
Kylie Duncan$3140
Victoria Macann$3124
Briar Mills$3096
Pam Aldersley$2951
Madeleine Gobbie$2885
Kim Gribble$2860
Jake Brebner$2796
Karen Ward$2795
Danielle Maguire$2745
Matilda Brown$2737
Lianne Hollis$2722
Dee Telfer$2705
Lindsay Cowley$2670
Sara Mallinson$2660
samantha reid$2585
Craig Furness$2585
Tamara McLachlan$2575
Debbie Schlatter$2560
Acacia Maki$2527
Cara Bridgland$2525
Ethan Francis$2500
Andrea Bonnar$2469
Rebecca Neale$2465
Grace Aleni$2456
Jennifer Boyd$2455
Lu Wengler$2350
Bridget and Jose York$2330
Tanetta Sylva$2327
Max Nicholls$2309
Linda Leydon$2239
Peter Herron$2188
Caitlyn Kirkpatrick$2151
Dee Henare$2140
Annie Wild$2119
Sam Hill$2104
Ciara O'Neill$2075
Matt Wheeler$2050
Stephanie Temple$2030
Yvette Bartholomew$2000
Caroline Collard$2000
Ben Hitchcock$1961
Jienwern Cook$1956
Peri Storm Bailey$1940
Viv Alborough$1930
Melanie Pritchard$1915
Beowulf Scott$1910
Stephanie Sequeira$1900
Trillian Spavin-Little$1885
Robert Daugulis$1881
Jenny Bartlett$1875
Stefani Vincent$1868
Klaudia Gaylard$1851
Courtney Allen-Anderson$1831
Janine Cubitt$1825
Kristal Davison$1800
Birgit Saunders$1800
Kyla Hurley$1790
Kristen Calder$1760
Hadley Middleton$1745
Matt Cawte$1740
Shel Chung$1724
Jan Colbert$1686
Kirsty picard$1685
Andrea Smythe$1680
Heather McKenna$1650
Rochelle Doyle$1630
Lorna Duley$1621
Alfred Ngaro$1615
Jax Hannam$1612
Bunnings Hawera$1610
Grace Pickering$1561
Greer Doughty$1552
Michael Diaz$1548
Joe McQuillan$1545
Peter Naylor$1540
Jay Tupe$1521

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