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Shave helps the 6 Kiwis who are diagnosed with a blood
cancer or related condition every day




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Shave for a Cure

Shave for a Cure is Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand's signature fundraising event. Every year thousands of individuals, schools and businesses across the country whip out the clippers and shave their locks in a bid to help the 6 Kiwis a day diagnosed with a blood cancer or related condition. Shave-tastic!
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how your money helps

Funds raised through Shave for a Cure help Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand (LBC) support the 10,000 Kiwis living with a blood cancer or related condition in your local community.


LBC offers personalised support and information to patients and their families, funds research into better treatments and finding a cure, raises awareness about the diseases and advocates on behalf of patients. 

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whats going on

promoted Rare cancer for young family
Invercargill man Tim Robertson was diagnosed with a form of lymphoma that is so rare his partner Rebecca says even their haematologist didn’t know much about it!
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running - micro
Have you ever wanted to take part in the iconic Auckland Marathon? If yes, then Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand has a unique opportunity for you!
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Iris Dutton 004
Ever thought you were too old to make a difference? 92-year-old Iris Dutton hasn’t let her age hold her back, or the fact that she’s had myeloma for 15 years. Instead she’s determined to help other patients with myeloma by taking part in a clinical trial known as the Millennium Study.
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From the Prime Minister playing hairdresser to a 14-year-old’s incredible climb up the leader board, Shave for a Cure this year was fun, crazy and a huge success!
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Alice Taylor$25764
Roger Sutton$18432
Jo Mason$18215
Maria Mullane$8611
Juli Mercer$7840
Euan Means$7671
Brooke Schneideman$6930
Chris Nicholson$6850
Milly Jennings$6838
Hamilton Boys' High School Shave for a Cure$6806
Catherine de Spa$6268
Corina Bruce$6128
Benjamin Wardhaugh$5969
Rodney Gillard$5855
Jenny Bartlett$5216
Shane Wingfield-Smith$5140
John Smith$5020
Jamie Bray$4835
Marshall Maine$4820
Chris Glazewski$4735
Trudi Riordan$4635
Nix Hansen$4390
Danielle King$4322
Angela Desmarais$4270
Natural Steps Albany$4247
Sophie Mills$4058
Alida Tooby$4056
Kim McNeill$4000
Leata Te Nana-Williams$3970
Hollie Hewitt$3943
Michelle Herbert$3940
Nat Vaughan$3917
Jana Seymour$3900
Danielle Moeke$3834
Charlotte Warren$3824
Benjamin Ganley$3783
Emma Harper$3770
Mindy Leach$3674
Sherry Hsu$3663
fraser pelvin$3635
Wendy Anso$3599
Adam Irvine$3595
Nikki Helyar$3466
Brian Dunbar$3441
Emilie Field$3438
Scott Souter$3410
heather kirkham$3410
Julie Leigh$3397
Natalia Nu'u$3345
James Bell$3260
Delia Viljoen$3200
Simon George$3180
Beau Nicholson$3170
Calla Knudson-Hollebon$3139
Phoebe Duncan$3094
Anna Walsh$3077
Shannon Peterson$3042
Nigel Towers$3032
Michael Reeves$3018
Tauraroa Area School$3013
Akanesi Wake$3009
Caroline Fellows$2985
Trish Holdaway$2985
Bailey Bruckner$2983
Sharwai Yuen$2955
Wendy Quay$2857
Helen Wells$2854
Emma Veltman$2804
Stephane Gascoin$2800
Cate Kerr$2796
Patricia Chandra$2752
Sarah Drew$2750
Zane Broom$2730
Julie Keegan$2680
Amara Jean$2660
Dasharn Awhitu$2660
Erin Olivia Lee$2655
Zach Tu'i$2655
Rekha Giri Percival$2630
Matt Taylor$2625
Sarah McMullen-Roach$2622
Caroline Tana-Tepania$2615
Blair Stewart$2585
Melanie Yeomans$2581
Katie Wright$2569
Kathryn Lee$2561
Nichola Waugh$2535
Brendan Patterson$2527
amelie ballantyne$2490
Jenna Hetaraka$2490
Yong Qi Lim$2470
Evan King$2465
Mia Szymanik$2441
Janine Tito$2435
Caitlyn Jelleyman$2433
Anna Allan$2425
Janine Moody$2400
Tina Frayle$2389
Kimberley Twine$2350

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