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Shave helps the 6 Kiwis who are diagnosed with a blood
cancer or related condition every day




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Shave for a Cure

Shave for a Cure is Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand's signature fundraising event. Every year thousands of individuals, schools and businesses across the country whip out the clippers and shave their locks in a bid to help the 6 Kiwis a day diagnosed with a blood cancer or related condition. Shave-tastic!
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how your money helps

Funds raised through Shave for a Cure help Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand (LBC) support the 10,000 Kiwis living with a blood cancer or related condition in your local community.


LBC offers personalised support and information to patients and their families, funds research into better treatments and finding a cure, raises awareness about the diseases and advocates on behalf of patients. 

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whats going on

800 Baradene College students went 'bald' for the day to support fellow classmate Emma Duncan who bravely shaved her long locks.
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Isha Amrute
Isha Amrute has been involved in charity work since she was six-years-old. Now a seventeen-year old student she decided to sacrifice more than her time and sacrifice her hair!
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Amathaine and Cecily
When three-year-old Graydon Barstow was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia last year, his mum Amathaine had no qualms shaving her own head in support of her brave young boy.
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Deciding to shave off dreadlocks that reach the bottom of your back is not an easy decision to make. But for 27 year old Chad Bolton the choice was simple. 
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Tanya Cole$19721
Vijay Nanu$10465
Philly Angus$7909
Raksha Kanji$7561
Justin Smith$6910
Alison Charles$6720
Ally Wudrich$6302
Trudie Porter$6021
Trina Buckley$6000
Claire Drake$5895
Johnathan Powell$5123
Missy Spence$5080
Duncan Shand$5011
Tanisha Wardle$4906
Emma Duncan$4626
Ange Harrison$4467
Suzanne Montocchio$4375
Justine Ballantyne$4214
Jenny Bartlett$4170
Stephanie Borthwick$4121
Sharon Chua$3911
Peter Wolfkamp - RESIDENT BUILDER$3895
Alex George$3647
Anthony Murcott$3628
James Hobby$3575
James Murphy$3573
Natasha Doherty & Danielle Rowlands$3530
Adrian Blank$3420
Tracy Thorn$3396
Karen Seth$3344
Beverley Walter$3320
Abi O'Regan$3228
Jessica Knowles$3167
Sarah manssen$3078
Barbara Joe$3075
Gabrielle Lindsay$3065
Sonja Bury$3055
Ben Martel$3050
Natasha Dyas$2912
Jessy Brant$2909
Michelle Bloomfield$2881
Freya Aldridge$2744
Wendy ANSO$2723
Elaine Smith$2700
Beauty and the Beast$2685
Kylie Nacey$2680
Amy Gillum$2665
Esther Shimmin$2634
Olivia Scott$2619
Courtney Taylor$2614
Brylee Smith$2600
Andrea Clarke$2565
Lisa Maxwell$2555
Steph Cometti$2550
Kita Gurden$2525
Daniel Phillips$2510
andrew taylor$2500
Kimberly Dyer$2500
Chantelle and Stephen Fraser-Clark$2476
Vanessa Frew$2345
Gracie-Mae Austin$2270
Sarah O'shea O'Brien$2247
Caitlin Kooyman$2231
Allysa Curry$2230
Jamie Paul$2200
Lucy Hay$2195
Benjamin Edusei$2185
Julia Thomson$2166
Kelly McLuckie$2159
Margaret Moala$2136
Lindy Mason$2090
Rebecca Libby$2080
Paul Burborough$2070
Ryan Joe$2050
George Hardy$2036
Sally Faherty$2009
Niki Murray$1928
Diane August$1916
Maxy Connop$1910
Lesa Fox$1889
Robynn Rayner$1884
Caro McKee$1855
Trisha Reid$1820
Alexandra Orsbourn$1817
Maia Ross-Donald$1814
Darland Kenyon$1800
Helen Poka$1787
Tommy Doyle$1778
CÚline Ronze$1771
Kate Salter$1765
Jessica Power$1757
Daniel Uili$1750
james jackman$1697
Emily Cowell$1685
Cath Hath$1680
Clare Sawers$1670
Cass Avery$1670
Kina Tucker$1648

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