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Shave helps the 6 Kiwis who are diagnosed with a blood
cancer or related condition every day




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Shave for a Cure

Shave for a Cure is Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand's signature fundraising event. Every year thousands of individuals, schools and businesses across the country whip out the clippers and shave their locks in a bid to help the 6 Kiwis a day diagnosed with a blood cancer or related condition. Shave-tastic!
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how your money helps

Funds raised through Shave for a Cure help Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand (LBC) support the 10,000 Kiwis living with a blood cancer or related condition in your local community.


LBC offers personalised support and information to patients and their families, funds research into better treatments and finding a cure, raises awareness about the diseases and advocates on behalf of patients. 

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whats going on

journal for shave
Writing or journaling can be a simple and effective way to help people cope with the emotional impact of a blood cancer/condition 
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Each day millions of New Zealanders search the web for answers to all sorts of weird and wonderful questions, but what if those searches could also generate money for blood cancer research? Well now they can! 
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Expecting the unexpected has become part of everyday life for Auckland mum Dani Noyer. Her three-year old son Iziyah was diagnosed with a rare blood condition called chronic granulomatous (CGD)
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41-year old Ngaiterangi Smallman from Turangi was diagnosed with a number of different conditions before doctors found he had chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) 
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Alison Charles$6565
Raksha Kanji$4579
Sarah manssen$2868
Margaret Moala$2136
Katie Fleck$1460
Tanisha Wardle$971
Alex George$961
Michelle Bloomfield$930
Trisha Reid$925
Leah Bakker$788
Chantelle and Stephen Fraser-Clark$750
Emma Duncan$705
Lesa Fox$679
Lisa Maxwell$665
Keira Day$625
Sam Ley$610
Caitlin Kooyman$580
Lois Donnelly$565
Todd Fletcher$540
Lauren Collins$495
Angel Huang$490
Natasha Doherty & Danielle Rowlands$485
Zeni Gibson$445
Marissa Gough$440
Joanne Kelly-Cook$400
Niki Murray$400
Kate Smith$380
Tracy Thorn$375
Pam Stringer$350
Penelope Morrison$335
Alyssa Prentice$330
Amanda Riches$320
James Foote$320
Olivia Norling$305
Brent Dennan$305
Vicky Chapman$305
Vanessa Lepper$305
Kylie Banks$300
Kelly Marie$300
Firusa Saklatwala$291
Greg Haylock$280
Kandi Karaitiana$275
Maxy Connop$275
Terry Gee$275
Chloe Marshall$275
Jenna Hendriks$270
Maz roebuck$270
Nina Radford$270
Karen Seth$265
Matt Rogers$265
josephine Mcintyre$260
Jessy Brant$250
Abi O'Regan$240
Edward Horne$240
Dana Waldron$230
Aban Mistry$210
Jerry Pickford$207
Renate Nash$200
Josh Solomon$190
Anna Parker$170
Wendy Wilson$145
Aysha Hohaia$140
Bex Cross$130
Mikaela Boxall$120
Annabel Dyer$120
Ata Mauigoa$120
Missy Spence$120
Evan King$120
Brian Williams$115
Kane Pickstock$115
Kelly Pope$110
Courtney De Groot$100
Clinton Hamilton-Ralph$100
Ruth Badura$100
Fran Hilditch$100
Jess Robertson$95
Ryan Abrahams$95
Kina Tucker$95
Marc Byers$95
Jo Paulin$90
Nathan Clarke$90
Robyn Eastlake$90
Steve Judd$85
Bodhi Wilson-James$85
Lena Hope$70
Josh Kelsey-Ross$70
Jasmine Tukukino$70
Elaine Smith$60
Parewhenua Te Wao$55
Kathryn Moss$50
Hayden Brookland$50
Pat Avers$50
Andrew Gillbanks$50
Greg Hoy$50
Philippa Howe$50
Sarah Breton$50
Jenny Cook$40
Margaret Hill$30
Serena Ryan$30
Andrew Jones$25

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